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TJ's Capturing Studios Begins

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

For those of you waiting for a more detailed description or explanation of Capturing Studios then look no further. Capturing Studios is a way for me share my work and potentially (hopefully) collaborate with other artists. I have a passion for all types of art and wanted to bring it all under one banner. For anyone familiar with my side business, Capturing Photography, Capturing Studios is something that stems from that. Capturing Photography is still very much the business side of things while the rest of the Capturing tag includes more of a showcase for anything from animation and film to other fine art. The website will be updated with images and video as I have them to share. This blog will also have progress updates on various projects, and I hope to use it to share short stories and poetry in the near future. There will even be a taste of my culinary art skills mixed in. So please explore my page and keep checking back for my latest creations. You can also sign up for a periodic newsletter, as well as contact me with to collaborate on my homepage! More blog posts to come with some more detailed info on the other facets of Capturing Studios.

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